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The Decision Makers Advertising

The Decision Makers is the ultimate showcase of the best in travel retail.

Received personally, free of charge by virtually all travel retail buyers globally (as well as by senior decision-makers in retailer, operator and supplier companies), DMs' unique and invaluable content lets you showcase your key sales assets - your brands and your people - side by side, year-round.

Our four annual editions help you position your company and brands within the global industry or to target advertising around important regional markets or industry events.

Each print edition is also published digitally online and as a downloadable app – massively increasing the reach and visibility of your advertising.

The most cost-effective, long lasting, best value advertising:

Better Targeted
DM is received personally, free of charge by virtually all travel retail buyers globally - so you know for sure that your message is reaching your target audience.

Buyers use DM repeatedly all year round, giving you a year's constant exposure for less than the cost of an ordinary, monthly trade magazine.

Reminds your clients why they do business with you by showcasing your company's two key assets - your products and your people - side by side.

"Show" editions attract new customers to your exhibition stands and reinforce your brand message and presence - with both existing clients and new prospects.

All our print editions are also published digitally - including all advertising - online and as an app. This means that your advertising is seen repeatedly, in your audience's chosen format.

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